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b. 1987, istanbul. photographer and director living and working in istanbul.

iyem produces still and moving images.  he is a co-founder and a member of the taşeron independent art initiative and the creative director of the evin art gallery.

artistic statement


In the images I create, I am interested in the representations of reality and how it is formed for aesthetical and political reasons. The forming of the reality and the role of art at this formation is a major theme to my work. I investigate the dark relationships we create with others and ourselves to survive.

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saint benoit istanbul french high school.2006

university of miami, BA, motion pictures, photography double major, honor roll. 2006-2009

istanbul bilgi university, BA, film and television, salutatorian.2009-2011

university of kent (at paris), MA, film studies.2012-2013

(thesis; the relevance of brecht: a case study of differentiation techniques on contemporary media)



famu, film and tv school of the academy of performing arts in prague, czech republic. 2007

floppy films workshop, instr. florian cramer, dagie bundert, transmediale, berlin. 2012                      

magnum workshop with abbas, paris. 2013                                                                                                magnum workshop with richard kalvar, paris. 2013

digital storytelling with zeyno pekünlü, zed grant. 2014


clouds, 40' min, 2019. 

   38th iksv istanbul film festival 2019, selection. 

   documentarist 2019, selection.

   10th human rights doc days, izmir, 2019, selection.

   7. antioch international film festival 2019, audience award.

selected exhibitions

koridoor contemporary art, curator: denizhan özer, 18th international istanbul art fair. 11.2008

become your dreams, solo exhibiton, catz, istanbul. 05.2009

none of them, group exhibition, 19th international istanbul art fair. 11.2009

yerdegezen,  group exhibition, 20th international istanbul art fair. 11.2010

yerdegezen, group exhibition, 21st  international istanbul art fair. 11.2011

a selection from the iiaf, bergamo art fair, italy. 01.2012

yerdegezen, group exhibition, 22nd international istanbul art fair. 11.2012

is there any intervention? curator: ali şimşek, 23rd international istanbul art fair. 11.2013

yerdegezen, group exhibition, 23rd  international istanbul art fair. 11.2013

sıkıyorsa gel!, curator: bedri baykam, denizhan özer, international association of art. 05.2014

disposses! curator: ali şimşek, 24th  international istanbul art fair. 11.2014

yerdegezen, group exhibition, 24th international istanbul art fair. 11.2014

amarcord, curator: ali şimşek, 25th international istanbul art fair. 11.2015

yerdegezen, group exhibition, 25th international istanbul art fair. 11.2015

taşeron independent art initiative, 26th international istanbul art fair. 11.2016

short circuit, w/ taşeron iai, coordinated by: derya yücel, santralistanbul energy museum. 05.2017

artist' utopia, curator: taşeron iai, 27th international istanbul art fair. 11.2017

there is another possibility, w/ taşeron independent art initiative, kasa gallery. 01.2018

la chute, curator: firdevs kayhan, m. wenda koyuncu, rem art space. 04.2018

passengers of a kaleidoscopic journey, curator: semra sevin, old tobacco factory, berlin. 09.2018

9DOKUZ, mixed exhibiton, consultant: ahmet elhan, 28th international istanbul art fair. 11.2018

questions&answers, w/taşeron iai, curator: firat arapoglu, 28th int. istanbul art fair. 11.2018

infinity and the image, curator: firat arapoglu & osman nuri iyem, evin art gallery. 12.2018

mixed exhibition, evin art gallery yalikavak. 07-08 2019

taşeron independent art initiative, 29th international istanbul art fair. 11.2019

construkt, w/ taşeron iai, curator: osman nuri iyem & şahin domin, kovan, izmir. 12.2019

a play in two acts, duo exhibition w/ şahin domin, curator: fırat arapoğlu, evin art gallery. 09.20


w/asli öymen & emin turan, evin art gallery is celebrating her 22nd year, 02.2019

w/ asli öymen, an eye catching documentary : clouds, 04.2019

w/ali şimşek, tele kültür, 11.2019

gecenin içinden, trt radyo, 29.01.2020

gecenin içinden, trt ankara, 18.06.2021


a very drunk trip to marseille, photo story on the menteur magazine, with cais jurgens. 06.2013

gezi resistance by the most special photos, photobook by kaynak publications. 08.2013

furious turks are back on the protest warpath, article at 09.2013

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